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Super/Techno polymers and composites: PeekCarbon Peek Carbon PAUltem AM9085FHelios Peek2005PekkFlex-TPUToolingX CFPPPABio-based PAULTRA-PLAFUNCTIONAL-NYLONSTRONG-ABS

POLYMERS PAEK [Polyaryletherketone]

PEEK [Polyether Ether Ketone]

PEEK is a semi-crystalline super polymer that combines excellent mechanical characteristics with incredible thermal and chemical resistance properties, used in extreme applications where electrical insulation, high wear resistance and low friction coefficient are also required. PEEK, Polyether Ether Ketone, is a semi-crystalline plastic that belongs to the PAEK (Polyaryletherketone) family of polymers.

It has high mechanical properties and, thanks to the diphenyl-ketone groups in its chemical structure, has high thermal and oxidation resistance. The molecular structure of the filament also includes ether bonds that provide flexibility, and due to the semi-crystalline nature of this plastic, it has high resistance to creep and wear over a wide temperature range. The filament also shows high volume and surface resistivity and, together with its high thermal resistance, can maintain good insulating properties over a wide temperature range.

  • Fatigue resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Chemical inertia
POLYMERS PAEK [Polyaryletherketone]


PEEK reinforced with ceramic fibres for those who need new performance

Helios™PEEK 2005 is a unique composite material developed to increase the mechanical, thermal and surface finish characteristics of PEEK moulded parts. Reinforced with short ceramic fibres, it accelerates time to market thanks to a reduction in post processing times of more than 60% compared to other super polymers and composites. Helios™PEEK 2005 is the new fibre-reinforced material, developed for innovators looking for strong 3D parts, with high surface finish and resistant to high temperatures. Reinforcement dispersion in the PEEK matrix is optimised to maximise high-temperature stability with exceptional detail, while accelerating time to market thanks to the very easy post-processing of the prints.

  • Superior surface finish
  • Thermal and electrical insulation
  • Stability at high temperatures
POLYMERS PAEK [Polyaryletherketone]

Carbon PEEK

CARBON PEEK is considered the best performing 3D printing super polymer in the entire industry. To the known characteristics of PEEK, it adds greater thermal stability and stiffness. Addition of carbon fibres sensationally increases the mechanical properties of the component produced, eliminating the gap with traditional production techniques.

Carbon PEEK is a composite material reinforced with carbon fibre, with extraordinary characteristics in terms of mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance. The addition of carbon fibre in fact makes the material even more resistant from a mechanical point of view and allows to go further in the Metal Replacement process even in the most extreme industrial sectors. Carbon PEEK finds application in a wide range of industrial sectors. It is used in very specific areas where a further increase in mechanical performance is required compared to PEEK for extraordinary performance

  • Mechanical resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Chemical Resistance

Carbon PA PRO

Carbon PA PRO is undoubtedly one of the 3D printing materials with the highest mechanical performances. This is a carbon fibre reinforced polyamide. It is ideal for mechanical applications and, thanks to its high tensile modulus, it is the perfect candidate for replacing light metal alloys.

Carbon PA PRO is a composite material in which short carbon fibres are embedded in a polyamide matrix, creating one of the highest performance 3D printing polymer materials in the entire industry. Reinforcing the semi-crystalline PA 6 plastic with short carbon fibres results in a material that is much stronger than regular polyamide. Carbon fibre reinforced PA has high mechanical strength, stiffness and thermal resistance. Furthermore, the polyamide matrix offers high stiffness at low temperatures and easy processing. A perfect candidate for metal replacement applications.

  • High Mechanical resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • New application opportunities


Polyetherimide falls into the category of high performance techno-polymers as it has very particular chemical-physical characteristics, including resistance to hydrolysis and acid solutions, very advanced thermal performance, including a very high operating temperature and therefore the possibility to withstand repeated cycles in the autoclave, and mechanical properties of absolute importance. Aerospace certified. ULTEM™ is a registered trademark of SABIC or its affiliates.

Techno polymer with high chemical and thermal resistance: ULTEM™ AM9085F, polyether-imide (PEI) manufactured by Sabic, is an amorphous thermoplastic that has high acid and hydrolysis resistance, as well as excellent thermal and mechanical properties. The stability of the peptide bonds present in the polymer gives it high resistance to heat and deformation and high stiffness. It also has a high glass transition temperature, it is an excellent flame retardant, with low smoke generation and good mechanical properties.
These properties make ULTEM™ AM9085F an ideal candidate in several application fields, especially those requiring a high strength-to-density ratio, replacing lightweight metal alloys in several applications. ULTEM™ is a registered trademark of SABIC or its affiliates.

  • Flight certifications
  • Heat resistance
  • Dimensional Stability

ToolingX CF

ToolingX CF is a thermoplastic composite material filled with carbon fibre. It is lightweight and has exceptional thermal stability, chemical resistance and is inherently self-extinguishing. Lightness, versatility and stiffness

Among the most chosen 3D printing materials for replacing aluminium, ToolingX CF is a composite material loaded with carbon fibre that offers lightness, chemical resistance and high mechanical resistance. It is almost totally insoluble in organic solvents below 200°C, making it suitable for use in applications where corrosive or difficult to manage chemical environments are encountered. Due to its chemical structure and self-extinguishing properties, Roboze ToolingX CF is intrinsically flame resistant.

  • Excellent chemical and thermal resistance
  • Aluminium replacement
  • Inherently flame retardant

Bio-based PA

Bio-based PA by Roboze, loaded with natural fibres, was born from Roboze's commitment to developing products of sustainable origin with reduced environmental impact. It is an ideal techno-polymer for the production of tools and equipment that allow to accelerate the achievement of the sustainability objectives of manufacturing companies while contributing, at the same time, to a positive future for the planet.

Roboze high performance bio base material loaded with natural fibres for FFF 3D printing With the same specifications and performance, but with a CO2 emission 60% lower than a carbon fibre reinforced petroleum-based PA, Bio-based PA by Roboze will allow manufacturing companies to move closer to their sustainability goals and to contribute to a positive future for the planet. It is ideal for the production of tools and equipment.

  • Low hygroscopicity
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Optimal mechanical properties


Flex-TPU is a thermoplastic polyurethane. A material with flexibility characteristics, used for multiple applications such as gaskets, vibration dampers or sheaths. Compared to other elastomers, it guarantees higher continuous use temperatures (120°C), greater chemical resistance, with good resistance to wear, abrasion and impact



PP, polypropylene, represents the most used commodity polymer, especially in applications for commonly used objects and automotive components, thanks to its characteristics of high resistance to impacts, abrasion, chemical agents and has excellent electrical insulating properties.



ULTRA-PLA is a high definition technical material. Composed of a mixture of loaded PLA, it is ideal for printing prototypes and small series that require definition and at the same time mechanical structure



Resistant to mechanical loads, FUNCTIONAL-NYLON cannot be easily attacked by organic compounds thanks to its chemical resistance. The high tenacity together with the resistance to aging make this material perfect for the metalworking sector.



Strong-ABS is a blend of stabilised ABS, with excellent mechanical properties. Recommended for prototyping and production of functional components, also subjected to mechanical tests.